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Are you looking for the highest quality JDM car window banners in Australia? We’ve got you covered.

Car window banners are a good way to personalise your car so it becomes an extension of who you are. Wearing an Incomplete car banner means you are a part of a community and family of like minded people that have an ongoing love-hate relationship with building and breaking cars.

We are pleased to have produced car window banners you can wear proudly in the front or rear windshield. The exact measurements vary so ensure you’ve accounted for this but the majority of our car banners come in at 27 inches x 5.5 inches, or 68.5cm x 14cm. What brings it all together is the all white designs with the super crispy matte finish which looks incredible throughout both the day and night. Because we’ve prioritised high quality materials, you can expect a strong adhesion to your windshield and so our car banners will stay put. Soon after application, we recommend letting the car banner rest in the sunlight to complete the bond process.

Now if you love our car banners, you’ll love our wide range of JDM apparel and JDM accessories. Find something to match with our collection of t-shirts, hoodies, crewnecks and car stickers for your ride. We’ve got an endless library of unique designs for everything JDM that we know you’ll love. Shop the best car window banners Australia has to offer with Incomplete.


Explore our unique car show banners that are growing in popularity within the JDM car scene in Australia.

We are proud to have designed and produced car window banner decals for your car. Whether you are a JDM or European car enthusiast, it always boils down to your personal preference and so we’ve created a wide range to accommodate all types of car enthusiasts and car communities. Our car show banners are an aesthetic compliment to help your car stand out from the front and/or back.

Much like each and every one of our collections, you’ll notice an ongoing homage to the Japanese culture that has extended itself to western society through its beloved JDM cars and magnetising anime characters that remind us of our childhood or younger days when times were much simpler. Coupled with the use of Japanese text which translates into motivating reminders to “keep going” during tough times.

Shop today and find out why many customers trust us for their JDM car show banner needs, and continually count on our team at Incomplete to deliver eye-catching Japanese inspired car goods.


Get car window banner decals delivered to your doorstep anywhere in the world with our fast despatch and delivery. For all Australian orders, we’ve partnered with AusPost to bring you reliable and prompt delivery service but due to the COVID-19 our shipping times have been affected so please expect up to 3 to 4 weeks for international orders. Your patience and understanding is appreciated in these times but with any queries, please contact our friendly team at and we’ll make sure you’re taken care of.

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