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Mizuchi Spirit of Incomplete | Floor Mats

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Mizuchi Spirit of Incomplete 

All of our floor mats are made with high quality cotton combined with polyester and printed with max resolution. They are lined with thick black stitched edgings to prevent fraying and deterioration.

Our new Floor Mat depicts the story of Mizuchi, a Japanese folklore tale.

Mizuchi was a water dragon that dwelled in the Kawashima River and would kill passing travelers by spewing out venom. Agatamori, an ancestor of the clan of Kasa no omi, went to the river and proposed a challenge to the dragon.

Agatamori cast three bottle gourds (calabashes) to the pool of the river which remained afloat on the surface of the water. He told Mizuchi to make the gourds sink or else he would have to slay him.

The dragon shapeshifted into a deer to try and sink the calabashes but was ultimately unsuccessful in completing the challenge. Thus, Agatamori slayed the dragon as well as the other water dragons at the bottom of the river.

According to the legend, the river turned red because of all the dragons Agatamori killed. The river was then referred to as The Pool of Agatamori, ever since.

Product Specifications:

Floor mats come in pairs!

70 x 45cm 

Universal Fit

High resolution print on cotton & polyester

Lined with Black stitched Edging

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