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The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning and Maintaining Your JDM Hoodie

The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning and Maintaining Your JDM Hoodie


The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning and Maintaining Your JDM Hoodie

You appreciate JDM builds and are happy to flaunt your appreciation for them by sporting your sweatshirts with plenty of emblems and long sleeves. But, you must preserve its cleanliness and beauty for as long as possible. The big question is, how do you clean JDM hoodies?

Cleaning JDM hoodies requires some skill and attention to detail. You can't just throw your sweatshirts from Australia in the laundry like other clothes. Instead, you have to give them a little extra care.

Fortunately, you can do a few simple things to ensure your hoodies stay amazing and last for a long time. This guide covers all the details you need to know about cleaning and maintaining your JDM hoodie. 

Storing JDM Hoodies for Longer Life

When it comes to storing your JDM hoodie, you should make sure your hoodie has a chance to breathe. Otherwise, it can easily succumb to mould and mildew.

There are two ways to store your sweatshirts; however, this is the best option. You can put the sweatshirts on a hanger near an open window in a spare room. The key is ensuring your clothing is just as it was displayed for sale. That is, you are hanging it in such a way that it is not crumpled or folded when you hang it. Consider using suit hangers or the hangers it was sold in, as they are designed specifically for this purpose.

But what if you don't have the space?

In this case, you can keep your hoodie folded in a drawer or chest and ensure air flows through by loading it in the bottom of the drawer raised with wooden blocks or plastic risers. Alternatively, drawers with liner paper will help absorb moisture and prevent mildew growth.

Finally, avoid storing your JDM hoodie in places like attics or basements. These areas are prone to high dust levels and higher humidity than other parts of homes. 

Tips for Spot Cleaning and Removing Stains From Your JDM Hoodie

This guide will give you the 411 on how to spot clean stubborn marks and stains.

Spot Cleaning

You don’t need to throw your hoodie in the washer for everyday marks. Try spot cleaning first by using a gentle detergent on a wet rag. The trick is to apply the cleaner with light pressure in a circular motion, then rinse it with cold water.

Remove Stains With Vinegar Solution

For tougher stains, you can use a mixture of 1 tablespoon of white vinegar and 2 cups of lukewarm water to treat the affected areas of your hoodie. Let it sit for 20 minutes before you rinse it with cold water and air dry it.

If all else fails, hand-wash your hoodie separately in cool water with mild detergent every six months. Although washing machines are convenient, they can cause fading over time. Their high spin cycles and spinning action causes friction, leading to fading. 

So, spot cleaning and removing stains by hand are key to keeping your favourite JDM hoodies looking as fresh as ever.

Protecting and Cleaning the Graphics on Your JDM Hoodie

Protecting and cleaning the graphics on your JDM hoodie is an important step in maintaining your hoodie.

Here are some tips for safely cleaning and protecting the graphics on your JDM hoodie:

  1. Use cold water and mild detergent when washing. 
  2. Avoid using bleach or other whitening agents.
  3. Use a soft cloth or brush with cold water and mild detergent to spot-treat a stain.
  4. Hang dry or tumble dry your hoodie on a low heat setting – never iron or use high heat settings.
  5. To protect against dirt and dust buildup over time, spray your hoodie with a fabric protector before wearing it.


Take your time to launder your hoodie properly. You can also get it professionally cleaned. It makes a huge difference in the longevity of its fabric and design. Don’t forget to check the care instructions on the inside label. Always avoid bleaching, ironing, or wringing your hoodie.

Cleaning your hoodie is essential to automotive upkeep, like maintaining your ride. At Incomplete, we specialise in the sale of quality JDM hoodies. We have different sizes of JDM hoodies for men and women to match your taste.

You can also have us tailor one of these sweatshirts for you. The best part is our products can withstand the toughest track and day-to-day wear and tear. 

Looking to break records at your local drag strip or shop for the perfect hoodie to complete your automotive wardrobe? Incomplete has you covered.

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