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"The Spirited Companion"

The Spirited Companion is the physical manifestation of Incomplete.

To the sleepless nights that turn to lonely late night drives, to the hours spent by yourself in the garage, to those that are looking for a place to belong and to the passionate that need a reminder to continue the pursuit of their dreams, know that our companion will be beside you through it all.

Detachable & Interchangeable Head

Take the head off and create an entirely new figurine style!

Complete cordless & rechargeable System

Simply recharge and go, allowing you to take your figurine through all your adventures. You can also switch him on & off!

Change the body!

Unlock multiple figurine personas as we continue to design and create new styles for you.

Design, create & style your way!

See what you can build with our concept renders!

Genji, The First; remaining stock is here.

25 Additional Units Ordered! Grab one before he is discontinued!

Genji Explores Gundam!

Access granted to Gundam Genji via QR code on all Genji orders | Coming Soon!

Coming Soon

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