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Genji, The Spirited Companion.

Genji is a driving companion that sits in your car or room!

You can attach him onto different styles of bodies, changing his entire appearance.

This was Genji's first style, a robot samurai...

But this version was too simple which is why we revamped him to an entirely new level with a better supplier and production team.

See how Genji x Gundam has evolved...

the first genji animations...

Genji's first animations were too simple and was not engaging enough..

We listened to your feedback and created an entirely new set of animations!

Five New Animations.

Underneath are the five new animations which is randomly generated when you turn Genji on.

Genji embarks on his journey, visiting different kind of universes...

Where does he end up visiting?

Complete cordless & rechargeable System

Genji is wireless, battery powered & rechargeable. Take him wherever you go!

Don't forget about his body!

His body will be released after the production of all helmets!

prototype begins!

Genji x Gundam is now in its prototype stage.

We are fine tuning and ensuring this product will exceed our supporters expectations!