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Which Type of Stickers is Best for Your Car: Paper Stickers or Vinyl Stickers

Which Type of Stickers is Best for Your Car: Paper Stickers or Vinyl Stickers

Your car can become more than a great means of transportation. It could be a cool way to advertise your business. As you drive your car around your city and beyond, people can get to know your business through the stickers on your car. 

You don’t even have to pay a dime for the exposure. The only necessary spending is the amount you pay to buy your car vinyl or paper stickers. To make the most of your car advertising, you must choose the right stickers for your car. 

Paper Stickers or Vinyl Stickers

There are different kinds of stickers, but you can group all of them into two major groups – paper or vinyl. Each group has its peculiarities, which makes it a good or terrible fit for cars. Let's examine all the differences between these stickers. 

To Shine or Not to Shine

Both vinyl and paper stickers offer the options of matte and gloss finish. But, there is no debate that the glossy vinyl sticker shines better than glossy paper. 

You must choose the best vinyl for car stickers if you want professional, full-colour graphics with the true shine. Paper stickers won't give you the best shine and colours.

Water and Weather

There is no point in putting stickers on your car if no one will ever get to see it. As you take your car stickers out in the sun and rain, the weather affects the stickers. You don't want car stickers that will fall apart at first sight of rain or start fading in the sun. 

Most paper stickers do not pass the water and weather check. There is a high possibility that your vehicle will occasionally encounter rain. So, it would be best if you had water- and weatherproof vinyl car stickers for these times. 

The Test of Time

Even the most durable papers can only last for months before cracking or fading. Car vinyl stickers can last up to seven years on your vehicle if properly maintained. The colours on the vinyl stickers will hardly fade with time. 

If you want to avoid having a recurrent bill with your sticker printers, go for the vinyl stickers. It might cost you more now, but it is a long-term investment. 

Ease of Removal

No matter how good your vinyl stickers might have been on your car, there is time to remove them. You can easily peel off your vinyl sticker in one motion. If it is the permanent adhesive type, professionals can help you get it off without damage to your car. 

However, paper stickers are a different ball game. It tends to tear as you try to pull it off and could leave marks of its presence on your car. So, vinyl is the better choice when you consider removal. 

Our Final Verdict

Vinyl Stickers is the best!

Paper stickers look good as labels on products and might cost less. But, if you want a car sticker that will look good over time and causes zero damage to your vehicle, a vinyl car sticker is the choice to make. 

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