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Incompletegl Demon Style! | Car Window Banner - Matte White, Holographic

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Demon Style!

Represent Incomplete with our banner and be eligible for our Ambassador Program! 

If you're looking for a banner that screams aggressive style driving, limiter bashing and clutch kicking frenzy, then we've got the perfect design for you!

The Demon Style aesthetic is our take on a more 'aggressive-style' banner, perfectly suited to those that want a loud-statement piece on their windshield!

Below our logo is Japanese text that translates to passionate life, a friendly reminder that it's ok to pursue your automotive dreams... regardless of what people say.

Product Specifications:

Dimensions: 29" x 7" 

Finish: Matte White & Holographic (Special Release: 15 pieces printed)


Installation Instructions:

1. Ensure the surface is clean with a window cleaner prior to installing banner.

2. Use a card to push down the vinyl. Repeat this process multiple times.

3. Please install the banner on a hot day as the heat will create a stronger bond with the window & vinyl

4. Do not install the banner on a cold or rainy day as the vinyl will have trouble sticking onto the window. 

5. Do not wash the car for more than 2 - 3 days especially if it’s raining or cold. 

6. Failure to follow these steps may result in the vinyl peeling or falling off. 

For a video tutorial please refer to our FAQ tab on our website. 

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Incompletegl Demon Style! | Car Window Banner - Matte White, Holographic

Incompletegl Demon Style! | Car Window Banner - Matte White, Holographic


Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Anthony Tountas

Looks sick

Looks amazing

It fit really well and looks so cool I love the word incomplete since there will always feel like there’s room for improvement

Daniel Adcock

Very impressed, other than the banner came folded over a few times, luckily it didn't fold over the decal but was very close. Other than that love it.


Love the quality and design!

Banner review

love the look + style and quality is amazing, but just a bit on the smaller side. would suit beautifully as a bottom window banner.