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Fujin's War at Mount Fuji | Floor Mats

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Fujin's War at Mount Fuji

Fujin (風神) is the Japanese god of the wind and one of the eldest Shinto gods.

Fujin (風神) is a popular but terrifying demon, his bag of air moves all the world’s winds, and he is a powerful force of nature alongside his brother, the thunder god Raijin.

He is neither good nor evil, although can be a destructive force if need be. He is one of Japan’s most well-known oni (demons, devils, or trolls in Japanese folklore).

Fujin and Raijin appear together frequently, with Fujin using his bag of air to create wind. These are often seen as destructive actions, but at times can be good. 

In the artwork, he is depicted to be floating above Mt Fuji the volcano that is regarded as a sacred kami or spirit in the Shinto religion. A lone samurai can be seen confronting Fuji from afar as he sets all the winds in motion. 


Product Specifications:

Floor mats come in pairs!

70 x 45cm 

Universal Fit

High resolution print on cotton & polyester

Lined with Black stitched Edging

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