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Genji; The First Spirited Companion Pack!

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Genji; The First Spirited Companion

Genji, The Spirited Companion — the culmination of our love and admiration towards the Japanese Culture. Heavily inspired by Overwatch 2 & the JDM Culture, we present to you - our friendly companion. 

Genji; The First Spirited Companion, paying homage to the Samurai history in the Japanese Culture. Immerse yourself in the spirit of the samurai, showcasing five robotic facial expressions that capture the essence of mecha x mankind.

Each figurine serves as a symbol of your unique journey within the JDM world, allowing you to fully customize armor, colors, and accessories to mirror your individuality.

Genji is perfect whether you're an Overwatch 2 fan, JDM enthusiasts or just looking for a companion for you cruises and studying.

Each companion will allow access to the next body - Gundam Unicorn is next!

Genji's Unique Features:

- Detachable Head: Allowing you to remove his head, take him wherever you go  

- Complete Cordless System: All Spirited Companions are rechargeable, meaning you can recharge & go. No need for wires! 

New Styles: Each Head can be attached to a new body which will be developed in future launches! 

ON/OFF!!: All Spirited Companions can be turned off when you're not with them!

What does it do? 

Our Spirited Companions will accompany you through the endless journey of building & breaking cars. We hope in the future to advance our technology and allow you to connect our figurines to your boost gauges/speedometer etc. 

But for now, enjoy a companion by your side on these lonely late night drives

What's included?

- Complete rechargeable & detachable helmet!

- Full-scale Samurai Body (15cm) 

- Circle Figurine Stand

- USB-C Cable

- 3M Tape (for figurine stand & car!)

Special Notice:

Please note, this is the first launch of our figurines and will have a 4 - 5 week wait on all allocated pre-orders. There is a limited run to ensure quality control & prevent any large scale issues. 

Genji will also be released in an exclusive Atomic Black, only available on this launch, to commemorate our first Spirited Companion! 

 Purchasing Genji will unlock Baby Genji!


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Genji; The First Spirited Companion Pack!

Genji; The First Spirited Companion Pack!


Customer Reviews

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It's finally here!!!

So looking forward to getting the Genji!
The designs look sick and I'm excited to see the other customisable parts in the future!