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Incompletegl GODZILLA!! Glow Panel - USB - 3 Modes

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Gojira (ゴジラ) is a portmanteau of the Japanese words gorira (ゴリラ, "gorilla") and kujira (鯨クジラ, "whale"), owing to the fact that in one planning stage, Godzilla was described as "a cross between a gorilla and a whale",[38] due to its size, power and aquatic origin.

Godzilla's exact origins vary, but it is generally depicted as an enormous, violent, prehistoric sea monster awakened and empowered by nuclear radiation

If you are a JDM enthusiast just like us, then you too would know the major significance that Godzilla has in the car culture.  Many people have taken referring to the GTR as ‘Godzilla’. It’s a name that seems to suit the vehicle so well.

One of the key reasons that the GTR came to be known as Godzilla is due to the fact that it was so dominant in Motorsport, particularly the R32 generation.

The R32 GTR won races all around the world, and put on incredible displays of power, performance and precision in championships in Asia, Europe, and Australasia.


Product Specifications:
· Glow Panels can be plugged into USB Ports in your car & desk or 12V cigarette lighter

· 2.5 Metre Cable

· USB Plug included!

· Double Sided Adhesive Tape included!

·  3 Light Modes: Solid On / Flashing Off

·  Dimensions: 18cm x 15cm 

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Customer Reviews

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Jade Hunter

Safe to say, when I unboxed my package I was a little surprised to see that I had been sent the Kiyohime Dragon glow panel, instead of the Godzilla panel. Truthfully, now that I’ve installed the panel, I think dragon better suits my car. Having seen the quality of the panels, I will definitely be buying another in the near future.