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Koi Fish x Swan | Pair of Seatbelt Cushion

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Koi Fish x Swan

Our Seatbelt Cushions are unlike anything you've seen in the market. They've been made with thick durable cotton to withstand corners and cruises with friends, combined with a unique aesthetic, only seen in our brand.

Incomplete's aesthetic continues to be inspired by all aspects of the Japanese Culture, with our new design showcasing the unique art seen in Japanese Tattoos.

 The Koi Fish is a symbol with many extremely deep meanings that changes based on the colour, pattern and the direction that it swims.

When the Koi Fish swims upstream, it represents the challenges and adversity that you have overcome. There is now room for strength for you to pursue new goals in life. 

The colour is a fusion of yellow & gold representing extreme prosperity and wealth, a perfect good-luck charm to help you build your car.

We will continue to experiment with unique designs and styles to bring the Japanese Culture directly into your build! 

This product comes in a pair of two! 

Material: Thick Quality Cotton (soft & durable)

Dimensions: 2.7" x 10.2" 

Disclaimer: The product may arrive bent due to shipping conditions.

Please attach the product onto your seatbelt and let it sit in the sun to assist in returning to original shape.

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Koi Fish x Swan | Pair of Seatbelt Cushion

Koi Fish x Swan | Pair of Seatbelt Cushion


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
anh duc nguyen

Koi Fish x Swan | Pair of Seatbelt Cushion

Worth the money!

The cushioning from the seat belt covers prevent the seatbelt from grazing across my neck. It is also aesthetically pleasing to look at. The build quality is great and I could tell this will last ages. The seatbelt cushions are both practical and stylish!

Gabe Squires
Overall amazing company

All of the items I ordered where extremely high quality and really nice especially for how much I paid for them. The overall customer service that was also provided was amazing as well, super nice and generous. The shipping and receiving of my items did take awhile, mostly cause I live in the U.S though. Other then that definitely a 5 star brand with really good and unique products.


Koi Fish x Swan | Pair of Seatbelt Cushion

Kane Kucera

Love them