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Aggressive | Hayden Dick Finnie's S15

Aggressive | Hayden Dick Finnie's S15

Aggressive is an understatement.

Welcome to one of Hayden Dick Finnie’s many builds, featuring his street performance Silvia S15 monster. Before we explore Hayden’s S15 wild aero kits & flares, we must first understand the owner. Performance and style of your car was explained perfectly to us by Hayden stating, “your car is a reflection of your personality.” Hayden’s passion for the automotive culture began at the age of 15 where he met Kristian who owned a candy green C33 Laurel. The style and aesthetic of Kristian’s C33 Laurel had an impactful influence towards Hayden that launched him into the automotive & drifting world.


( It begins )

Now building cars is an expensive, time consuming and difficult process that we all experience and understand. Fortunately, Hayden is equipped with the knowledge, skills and tools to build his own cars at his workshop ‘Kamikaze Motorsport.’ Kamikaze is located in QLD where they do everything from mechanical touch ups to roll-cage installs and fabrication. In this shop is where all the magic happens…

( Close but far ) 

At first Hayden intended to build the S15 to “fly under the radar” with subtle & simple aero-kits. By the time he finished painting and installing the aero-kit, he realized that he wasn’t happy. The finished product was too simple and did not reflect his personality and style. So, what did he do? He went aggressive and we mean really aggressive. Raijin aero-kit, side-skirt extension, blacked-out taillights and a monstrous rear diffuser!


( Raijin Aero Kit ) 

 Hayden is a perfect example of Incomplete, doing what you love and building your own car! Of course, we understand that not everyone has the tools, skills and knowledge to work on their own car (we don’t either) so if you ever need a hand, don’t be afraid to hit up Kamikaze Motorsport! We will link their website below.

( Speechless )

Thank you, Hayden, for sharing with us your build and taking the time out of your day to send us photos. 




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