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Simple | Justin Han's S15

<h1>Simple | Justin Han's S15</h1>
Reigning from the heart of Sydney, we present to you Justin Han’s S15 build and the work it has gone through. Justin’s love for the JDM culture sparked through his close friends and the release of Fast & Furious series. He specifically chose the Silvia platform as it provided rear-wheel drive (RWD) excitement coupled with enough power to enjoy the streets.

(Employee at Sharplinesmash) 

When appreciating Justin’s S15 we can see that he has opted to go for a subtle build that remains close to stock, no crazy camber, not too low but just right. With the flared fenders, Justin is able to run bigger wheels that sit perfectly on his S15. Finally, the Origin Labo kit separates his style from the common stock, beat down, drift missile builds that we see here in Sydney.

(Origin Labo Kit Installed)

Justin generally prefers to do the work on the Silvia by himself or with friends, but when it comes to perfecting the body and mechanical components, he will send it off to Westside Mechanics & Sharplinesmash. At this point, Justin is happy with his S15, I mean, who wouldn’t be? It is one of the cleanest examples of a Silvia we’ve seen. But when he does continue to build his car, he has disclosed to us that he will be focusing on improving the gearbox, headlights and a juicy E85 tune!
(The finished work of art)

We hope you enjoy our post about Justin’s S15! Go check out his Instagram @Justn.S15 for more crispy photos of not only his Silvia but of other cars.
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